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Whether you are a World Campion or a "weekend" warrior at you will get the same attention.We know you deserve that attention because you are unique as a person and as an athleet. For us there is only one way of personal coaching and that is working together and listen to each other. That is the only way we  want and the only way we can work. For more information about Feedback.



Coach Frank is one of the top endurance coaches. His experience with both top-level athletes and "weekend warriors" spans more than 20 years. His passion for the person before the sport has made him as popular as he is successful. More about Coach-Frank

Coach Frank your Personal Coach?

STAP is Dutch for step - to take a big step foreward.

Stapsport is a Coaching, Testing and Information center. Stapsport has been coaching endurance athletes from a wide range of endurance sports such as cycling (road and mountain), running, speed skating, and triathlon/duathlon for almost 3 decades. The level of athletes coached ranges from Olympic Champions and Tour de France cyclists to all levels of amateurs and juniors.

Coach Frank created Stapsport under a very simple philosophy Ev
ery athlete whether champion or participant has equal but drastically different needs. The only way to successfully guide any athlete is through extensive PERSONAL service. was established in 1988 because of the great need for quality personal coaching at a reasonable price. So many athletes could enjoy their sport more if they had a training plan to follow that is affordable. The service that Stapsport gives you for the cost is a great value compared to all of the other coaching opportunities. So whether you want to complete a local sprint triathlon or you have aspirations of  winning a stage in The Tour de France, Stapsport is the way to attain these goals!!!!!
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